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The Benefits of Decorating with Leather Bedroom Furniture

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Have you looked at your bedroom and just thought, “Too much fabric”? Perhaps you are looking for a more chic boudoir style but are unsure of the material? Well, when in doubt, go for leather. Yes, leather! What better material to give your bedroom timeless comfort, sophistication, and personality, all in one? At The Mattress Warehouse, we offer high-quality leather bedroom furniture to spruce up your sleeping nook to your liking. Keep on reading to find out how you can decorate and style leather for that new debonair bedroom.

Timeless beauty – why it’s a great idea to style with leather bedroom furniture

Whether you are going for a rustic, regal, or racy style, the use of leather still exudes a ‘luxurious feel’ in the bedroom. The timeless beauty of leather makes the material a suitable fit for everyone. For the oldies, the leather may convey the idea of graceful ageing. Young adults may be inspired by the bold, chic vibe associated with leather. Meanwhile, middle-agers may relate to the classic, yet modern ‘feel’ the material possesses.

How to effeminate your leather bed furniture

Anything goes well with leather. Particularly if you have picked leather pieces with neutral colours (black, brown, or white). Leather bed furniture is often misconceived as being overly masculine. However, there are various ways of styling leather in a feminine or unisex themed room. Try one (or all) of the following ideas:

  • Accessorising with an assortment of colourful fabric cushions.
  • Place a patterned or colourful rug where it can create a contrast with the leather furniture in your room.
  • Hang a timeless poster or light, watercolour on the wall behind or close to the leather piece.
  • Use light, floral patterned curtains to set off the leather.
  • Put a potplant in the room. The green goes wonderfully well with brown leather.

So you see, it’s not only suited to boys and their bedrooms.

The benefits of using leather as a principal fabric in a bedroom

Leather is such a remarkable material to use when decorating your personal space. It is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile materials for bedroom furniture. Coming in a variety of colours, it can accommodate any theme/style and can be incorporated into any piece of furniture for any room. If you haven’t already made up your mind about using leather… Well, here are five reasons why you should definitely consider it:

1. Leather is durable.

Constantly spending money to keep up with the Jones’ sophisticated taste is so overrated! So instead of buying new bedroom furniture every second year, invest in something that is both stylish and durable. Like leather, for instance. Leather can withstand both humid and arid conditions. In dry environments, it retains its pleasant hardened texture. Whereas it softens and gives an aged feel in wetter climates. Though leather is no fan of water, it can withstand spills if you clean it up soon after the fact.

2. It is timeless.

Like (some) wine, leather only gets better with time. It is known as the “timeless” material because it truly holds form and is more aesthetically refined as it gets older and subject to different environmental conditions.

3. Odour Control.

You can happily agree that a mouldy smell in the bedroom is just unappealing. Period. Accidental food/drink spills or pet potty training ‘oopsies’ are absorbed extensively by other materials. This often leaves a bit of a funky smell on the furniture pieces. Leather, however, is less permeable, so spills will take longer to soak in. Moreover, it is naturally breathable or porous and tends to “breath” out the stench if you missed the spill in the first place.

4. Easy to clean.

Leather is easy to clean. Whether you have kids, you’re a clumsy individual or a pet owner, you want to choose leather. Instead of taking off the upholstery and chucking it in the washing machine, a simple swipe down removes stains and kicks off dust. Not only do you save time but you also save money you’d otherwise spend on cleaning detergents or upholstery maintenance. Convenient, right? You’re welcome!

Tip: Polish your leather bedroom furniture with leather cream every couple of months to make it last even longer.

5. Flexibility and adjustability.

Leather may just be one of the most comfortable materials out there. As a natural insulator, leather regulates its temperature in response to your body. Hence it feels cool to your skin on a warm day and is nice and cosy on a cold day. Also, leather couches tend to be far more comfortable because the leather “remembers” body shape. Truly, using leather can’t get your bedroom any more personalised than that. 

Our best leather bedroom furniture picks

A dark chocolate brown leather rectangle offset against a darker, almost black wooden headboard frame.
Dark, chocolate brown leather headboards go beautifully with cream bedding

Among the various leather headboards stocked by The Mattress Warehouse, the Oslo Leather Headboard is our favourite. Dark leather, offset against nearly black wood – it has an uncomplicated, sleek design that speaks of eternal elegance. And apart from looking good, sitting up against that masterpiece to read a book or watch some Netflix is super comfy! Pair that headboard with a dark bedside pedestal or two and you have yourself a sleek bedroom!

Tip: If you want to know more about headboards, click here.

The Vintage Leather Sleeper Sofa is a smart choice if you need extra sleeping space in a small apartment

And if you can’t bring leather bedroom furniture to your sleep space, bring your sleep space to the leather furniture. If you need an extra spot for guests to sleep on but you live in a small space, getting a leather sleeper couch is a great option. A leather piece in your living room exudes a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Moreover, sleeping on leather is even more desirable than sitting on it.

Shop the full leather bedroom furniture range

Man or woman, old or young, leather bedroom furniture in all of its timeless splendour is for you. Whatever bedroom theme or style you are going for, a bit of leather can go a long way to snazzing it up. So browse our full bedroom furniture catalogue now to find your next piece of dream-inducing bed furniture.

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