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The most affordable bed on the market

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Universe Bedding manufactures mattresses consisting of:

  • inner spring (This mattresses have normal  inner springs with layers of foam for comfort and support.)
  • foam (These mattresses have different layers of high density foam )


The wide range of spring mattresses including:

These mattresses are designed for persons of up to 150kg per person depending on which model you choose.

When buying a Universe bedding product you are also backed up with a full factory warranty


Foam range of beds

Foam mattresses are very strong and durable

When you buy a foam type mattress you receive the benefit of not feeling your partner when they move during the night as there is no movement transfer on a foam mattress.


When buying a Universe Bedding bed you can upgrade your base to a suede base.

These bases have become very popular and you won’t need a base wrap or a night frill if you go for one of these bases.

So when you look at buying a new bed come to us  at The Mattress Warehouse in

Nelspruit (S 26® 40` 45″ E 28® 35’25” ) or Midrand (S 26® 0’40” E 28® 7′ 25″) or give us a call 0861 007 000 and let one of our trained bed specialists help you find a bed that best suits you needs, or shop online www.mynewbed.co.za.

One more reason to purchasing your new bed at The  Mattress Warehouse

Universe Bedding is on sale in Johannesburg, Pretoria , Polokwane and Nelspruit.


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