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Why You Should Consider Getting Memory Foam Pillows.

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

memory foam pillowsEach product sold in the market has both the benefits and disadvantages. For an example, buying memory foam pillows do have the good and the bad sides to it. We are not going to lie and sugarcoated everything by telling you that buying memory foam pillows will only give you the benefits. This is because all products ever created do have some disadvantages. With the increasing number of pillows for sale, it must have been a hard decision for buyers who are looking for the right pillows for themselves.

There are always some ways on how you can make your sleeping experience better, it can be by getting yourself some of the best sleeping support. If you are willing to invest your money into buying high quality mattresses and mattress protector, why not spend a little on getting the right pillows for yourself too?

What Are Memory Foam Pillows?

memory foam pillowsThey are normally made of a type of foam that is designed to support your neck and back by aligning the shape of your body during sleeping. By molding your neck and head, this memory foam will create a comfortable cradle while you sleep. If you are looking to ease the neck pain, getting memory foam pillows might be your best bet. When compared to the traditional pillows, they are a great deal heavier and thicker and they don’t give the same vibe as a normal pillow would give you. Nevertheless, once you lie in the bed and the foam molds the shape of your head, neck and body, you will feel much supported throughout the night.

It is really easy to distinguish which memory foam pillows might be the right one for you, even though the market promotes so many types of them. Because they are specifically designed to render full support for your body during your sleep, the manufacturers keep improving by providing a variety of foam pillows that meet the need and requirement of each different individual. For those suffering from neck pain, the perfect foam pillow for you is the neck roll. But if you are expecting to get a little elevation during your sleep, a wedge will definitely be able to give you the support that will still provide you with comfort. With your own personal needs and specifications in mind, you should be able to choose the right memory foam pillows for yourself.

There are so many memory foam pillows for sale and if you look thoroughly, you will be able to find the foam pillows that come with different sizes and thickness. Some will even meet your bed properly as if they are made by the same manufacturer. Our favorite foam pillows include the Genessi memory foam pillow and Cloud Nine memory foam pillow. For an example, the Genessi memory foam pillow is washable, removable and breathable. Other than that, they are also covered in ADVANSA Thermo Cool Fabric which promotes relieve for the pressure point and enhance the blood circulation. The best part about it is that it softens with heat and react to the temperature of the sleeper’s body.

For some people who favor the traditional style of memory foam pillows, you can easily find them too, and this type of foam pillows is great for those who still prefer resting their heads on the traditional-style bed pillows. This type holds the design as the traditional pillows, but comes with the support of memory foam pillows. The additional benefit of having traditional foam pillows is that they make you stay cool by offering the easy air flow. If you suffer from bad allergies, you should look at getting a hypoallergenic pillow that will enhance the comfort of your sleeping experience. Nevertheless, bear in mind that more memory foam pillows are unlike the traditional pillows in which they don’t attract dust mites.

As for contour memory foam pillows, they look similar to the normal pillow, but with a dip in the center of it. While you sleep and your head cradles in between, this dip will be the support provider for your neck. The contour foam pillows are normally the ones that offer the most support for your back. Also, do you know that contour pillow will help to align the spine, alleviate snoring and blood circulation? That sounds quite good, doesn’t it?

The next type of memory foam pillows is the neck roll pillows. They are round in shape and made for the sufferers of neck and lower back pain. The best part about purchasing a neck roll pillow is that you can use it in different situations such as on an airplane or in the car while traveling. This is due to their neat design and compact shape. One tip if you are looking for a good memory foam neck roll is that they can easily be used for support while you are watching television, relax on the couch or even while reading. In other words, they are extremely flexible to be used!

For better improved support to your neck, you can also opt for the V-shaped memory foam pillows. This is very comfortable for those who tend to fall asleep with their stomach first. Your neck and head will fit right into the V-shape memory foam pillows perfectly. If we need to find some description for this foam pillow, it would be for those who just want to take the pressure and stress off of themselves.

High-density Vs. Low-density

memory foam pillowsOne of the first things you will notice when you are buying memory foam pillows is that some of them are made of high-density and some are of low-density. What exactly do these mean? Well, the high-density memory foam pillows tend to be slightly pricey compared to low-density ones. This is because they offer more durability and heavier weight. As for low-density, they are the complete opposite of the high-density. However, it doesn’t mean the low-density memory foam pillows don’t have the same magic ability as the high-density ones. Exactly like what we mentioned earlier, each product comes with the benefits and disadvantages. Low-density will be a lot softer and lighter and less expensive, but slightly lack the full support that the high-density foam pillows can provide. However, the high-density memory foam pillows tend to be a lot more uncomfortable during the first few tries. But as soon as your body starts to get used to them, you will feel completely comfortable with them. Memory foam pillows can do wonders for those sore neck or back, so get to your nearest Mattress Warehouse and test them out!!!

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