Which baby cot ticks all your boxes?

This is a question that most new-to-be-parents face… Wooden cot or Camping cot? This is a question that I personally had to ask myself and we made our decision based on our lifestyle and the safety of the cot and once that decision was made, we had to choose the style from different brands.

Needless to say, this can all be a bit overwhelming – you have to put your baby to bed each night and your decision will go a long way towards making this bedtime routine as stress-free as possible. I hope that I can shed some light on this big decision. Remember that your baby will be spending more time in their cot than anywhere else.


If you are on-the-go parents, planning on having dinners away from home, going away for weekends or travelling a lot, you would want to go for a lighter option of a camping cot or a portable travel crib. On the other hand, if you are planning on spending 99% of your nights at home, want another child or use the cot for the next few years (as most wooden cots can be used as toddler beds as well), a wooden cot would be the better option. The Mattress Warehouse sells beautiful wooden cots for any decorative style, from varnished wood to a more modern look.

Wooden cot with drawers


You want something that is soft as your newborn baby will still have soft spots on his/her head, distance between the bars of the cot so that your baby’s head can’t fit through, sturdiness as you don’t want a cot that rattles and wobbles and one that is not painted with lead paint as this can be dangerous to your newborn baby.


Wooden cots are often more stylish and to fit with your décor, you can buy crib bumpers (which can also help with safety concerns). Some brands allow the same cot to grow with your baby – transforming into a toddler bed. These might often be more of an investment, but they will save you money down the line. Take a look at the wide variety that The Mattress Warehouse offers to decide which will fit into our style.

Sleigh Cot

Back problems?

If you are struggling with back problems, you need to include this in your decision making as you will be lifting your baby in and out of the cot. Camping cots don’t have many adjustable base levels – you get very low or very high. Your new baby won’t be able to sleep on the very high level as he/she could fall out of the cot when rolling over. If you put it on the very low level, you will be spending your days bending over the cot and this could give you back problems or make your current back problems even worse. Our wooden cot has an adjustable base as well as a drop side which will ensure that you don’t have to bend down every time you attend to your baby.

Wooden cot with drop side


It is very important to look at mattresses when buying a cot. The mattress is not always included when buying a cot, but it might be a good idea to buy the mattress at the same company/store as everyone’s cots are not always the same size. So buying the mattress at the same store will ensure that the mattress fits perfectly into the cot. You also need to ensure that the mattress has a firm foundation and is well ventilated. At The Mattress Warehouse we also sell breathable baby cot mattresses which help to prevent the baby from suffocating by “rebreathing” exhaled carbon dioxide. All our cots and mattresses are non-toxic.

Breathable mattress

Our final decision was to buy a wooden cot as it got all the right ticks and we have had no regrets! I have come to realize that everything we were looking for are all available at The Mattress Warehouse and everything they sell, is exactly what we would have loved. I hope that I have been able to help you with this important decision. Also coordinating your cot with matching nursery furniture is a good idea.

You might also be interested in our compactum’s and high chairs which are all available in Ebony, Mahogany, Oregon, Raw and Varnished Pine. Maybe you also need something for yourself? We sell a variety of beds, mattresses, headboards, linen, pillows, bed accessories and other bedroom furniture.

wooden compactum
Baby Compactum



high chair
Baby high chair table combination
sleigh compactum
Sleigh Compactum
wooden compactum2
Disney Baby Compactum

All this and more to be bought online or at our store. Call us today on 0861 007 000.





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