Looking for some design inspiration for your bedroom or perhaps you are simply curious about whether or not the trends in South Africa are the same as the trends in other countries? 

Take inspiration from these bedroom trends.
Take inspiration from these bedroom trends.

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But we know that what really makes a bedroom a sleep haven, is the decor. So we are going to share some of the most popular bedroom trends, from designers across the globe. 


Here are some of the biggest trends in bedroom décor

Desert Retreat

Have you ever imagined revamping your bedroom in the style of a desert retreat? One of the more popular trends these days to make the bedroom look like a tented getaway; the perfect escape from the world! This bedroom was designed by a London based interior designer, Lizzie Montgomery.


Snug Scandinavian

While it might not be a “trend”, the Scandinavian look becoming popular. This design is one that is snug, warm and comfortable. Scandinavian design is known for being as stylish as it is functional. Clean cut design along with gentle colours and just the right amount of bedroom furniture is enough to achieve the Scandinavian look. Check this gorgeous design out. You could find similar looking bedrooms in Scandinavian nations.

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Sometimes less is more. And if you have read enough of our blogs, you are sure to have seen the tip alluding to clutter-free bedrooms having the ability to actually improve your sleep. Minimalism is very popular right now and it is a look that you will have no trouble achieving. This is a minimalist bedroom design from Sydney.


Bold Colours

Gone are the days when you couldn’t paint your bedroom a darker colour for fear it would clash with your furniture. Pairing a dark grey wall with lighter bedroom furniture is one way to transform your entire sleeping space. Try not to go too bright with your colour scheme, as it might turn a tranquil atmosphere into an energetic one. This design is from the United States.


The Four Poster

Is there anything that could make a bigger statement than the four-poster bed? It is a classical piece of furniture, one that will never go out of style, and if your bedroom is big enough, it is certainly going to become one of your favourite pieces of bedroom furniture. This design is one from The Connaught, from Mayfair in London.


Mid-Century Modern

This look is also one that is not going to go out of style anytime soon. And it’s nice to know that you won’t have to give your bedroom another makeover for a good few years. To achieve this look, you must aim for the styles that were popular between the 1950’s and 1970’s. It’s not as outdated as it might seem, in fact, it has a bit of a retro feel. This design is from Finland.

When the time comes to redesign the look of your bedroom, let your creativity be unleashed. If you are looking for some inspiration, along with great bedroom furniture and a new mattress, we can help! With a mattress factory with a wide selection of beds for sale in Johannesburg and beds for sale in Pretoria, The Mattress Warehouse is the place to shop.