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Designer tips, to give your bed a luxurious look.

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

It is a new year with new beginnings and new challenges. Furthermore, new years resolutions are still fresh in our memories. Many of us have New Year’s resolutions is to spruce up our bedrooms. One of the essential keys to achieving this goal is to plan. A person spends approximately a third of one’s life asleep in bed. Apart from these hours, your bedroom is your haven and space where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Creating a luxury bed takes time and effort and proper planning. Today we will investigate a few affordable designer tips on how you can make your bed look luxurious, stylish and heavenly. Dressing a bed might seem like a daunting task, but with proper planning, you can make your bedroom dreams reality.

Many of us are familiar with the positive emotions you experience when walking into a guesthouse or a hotel bedroom. The first item that draws our attention is mostly the bed, and these beds are pretty, clean and luxurious. A beautiful bed evokes feelings of restfulness and happiness.  It helps one to relax when you enter your bedroom.  Another advantage of an appropriately dressed bed is that you protect both the mattress and the base against wear and tear. This exercise of making your bed will be an investment in your mattress and your wellbeing. We will explore a few ways to make your bed. Use items that you have at hand in your household. There is a variety of different styles and options, to create a plush and sophisticated bed. Allow us to teach you how to dress your bed like a designer!

To create that crispy, inviting plush bed it is important to note that you have to invest in a few layers on your bed. Amongst these layers are the mattress, protectors, pillows and duvets. Do not skimp on these items and endeavour to purchase the best possible quality that you can afford. It is essential to buy the highest quality thread count items; these are softer than the lower counterparts. Dressing a bed is about detail, pay attention to small items such as zips, buttons, crochet flowers and piping. Flat sheets with hospital corners can create an impression of neatness and sophistication. Remember to make use of colourful, comfortable bedding items with a variety of textures and colours. Be sure to decide beforehand what style you prefer for your bedroom. Amongst the techniques, we can mention romantic, modern or a tailored look. Let’s investigate those designer tips, that will give your bed that luxurious look!

Base and Mattress Covers

When you dress your bed, you have to make sure that you cover the base and mattress appropriately. If you have not purchased a base cover for your mattress, it is time to do so now. Purchase a good quality mattress cover. A mattress cover will protect your mattress.  It will create the first layer on your bed. After this pay attention to the base. A  waterproof base cover will protect the bottom of the bed against dust and damage. Colour code the base cover with the colours in your room. Darker shades are recommended.

The placement of the fitted sheet and https://www.themattresswarehouse.co.za/product-category/accessories/linen/flat-sheet/flat sheet

The next item on your bed is the fitted or flat sheet. Modern-day mattresses are often thicker and fuller.  For this reason, you have to think out of the box when covering this area on your bed. If you have a full mattress be sure to purchase a larger flat sheet for your mattress. The cotton sheet will ensure complete coverage of the mattress. If your mattress a regular size, you can still pull a fitted sheet over the base cover. Add an extra larger sheet to this fitted sheet, and it will create a further feeling of softness and fullness on the bed. The next step is to create neat and tidy hospital corners when folding the cloth over the edges of the bed.

A step by step guide to fold hospital corners on your bed

Step 1: Lay the flat sheet over the fitted sheet, make sure the cloth is spread squarely across the bed.

Step 2: Start on one corner, at the base of the bed. Lift the mattress and tuck the hanging fabric along the bottom of the bed. The Excess sheet will hang along the side of the mattress.

Step 3: Take the extra fabric, on the side of the mattress and place it on the top of the mattress. Pull the sheet and place the triangle formed by the bed sheet on top of the bed. The edge of the sheet must form a 45-degree angle with the corner of your bed.

Step 4: Hold the fabric that is forming a 45-degree angle and fold the dangling sheet along the side of the mattress. After this allow the bed sheet that was on top of the bed to sheet fall sideways.

Step 5: Adust the edge of the sheet to the corner of the mattress and tuck in.

Step 6: Apply steps 2 to 5 until all four corners are neatly tucked in.

Hospital bed corners are tidy and neat, and if you master this technique, it could provide a fresh and elegant look to your bed.

After the corners have been neatly folded fold the top half of your sheet over and tuck the sides in, your bed is ready for the next layer, the duvet.

Designer tips  duvets and  duvet covers

To create an extra soft and fuller looking duvet; put a bigger size duvet inner into a smaller duvet cover. If you have a queen size bed, purchase a king-size duvet inner and insert this inner into a queen size duvet cover. Many of us have extra sizes available in our homes, so this would also be a cost-effective way of using what is at hand. Another idea to create fullness and warmth is to place to duvets in one cover, this will create an extra plush look on your bed. Create extra softness, add a feather duvet below your fitted sheet.

If you have the budget to purchase a new cover lookout for mixed prints, this creates an interesting effect as you could fold the bottom part of the duvet cover and in this way, you could create an exciting focal point on your bed.

For diverse sleeping requirements concerning your duvet inner, you could place two single bed covers, side by side in your duvet cover. This way both partners could sleep under their preferred duvet without disturbing the other.

Place the duvet on the bed and fold the top part of the duvet cover, this will expose the fitted sheet and it will create a lovely clean feature on your bed. It is time to place the pillows.

Placing your pillows

Pillows will add to the modern and tailored look on your bed, and these will create a soft, romantic nest. For a queen size bed, we recommend that you purchase two large continental pillows, place them side by side at the top end of your bed. The next step is to line up two standard pillows in front of the continental pads. Place an accent pillow in the middle of the standard pillows.

For a king size bed, you could use three continental pillows, two extra-large pillows and two standard pillows with an accent pillow before these. For a single bed use one continental pillow, one standard and one accent pillow.

You can opt to purchase duck down pillows for the standard and larger pillows. These will provide extra softness and fullness to your bed. Be sure to invest in a few sets of pillow protectors as these will protect your pillows against moisture.

Before you place your pillows, grab them and fluff them before putting them on your bed. Be creative with your accent pillow, think texture, fluff and colour.

Adding the informal style with throws

Throws are informal, styling aids and come in a variety of textures, colours and materials. Throws can be skillfully placed on the bed and varied according to the seasons. Drape the throw informally over the duvet cover. Alternatively, you could put the throw under the duvet cover and fold the top section of the duvet cover over to expose the throw. Be creative and innovative and be willing to think out of the box.

Create a strong focal point with a bedspread

Some people prefer to put a cover over their duvet; this item is a focal point, and one could update the quilt every season. Vary the colours and the textile. Fold the duvet cover over the bedspread or add the throw as an extra layer.

Uses for comforters and quilts

Comforters and quilts are ideal for summer beds. Alternatively, one could put the bedding under the duvet. Fold the duvet over and in this way expose the comforter or quilt.


Decorating your bed should be a relaxing and creative exercise. You may opt to have a formal, romantic or tailored look on your bed. All of these choices are very individual. Be creative and innovative. Look out for colours, prints and textiles that would best suit your room and your sleeping style. Most of all enjoy the journey of dressing your bed. Let us know in the comments below if you have any further suggestions, questions or ideas.

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