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Gorgeous Bedroom Designs You’ll Want to Have

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse


As we go into the New Year, you might be itching to bring some change into your life. And what better place to start than with the most sacred room in the home; your bedroom. There are plenty of ways that you can easily alter your bedroom to suit your new style or to bring something new into your bedroom.

Whether it is a change of your bed, a new lick of paint or some decorative wallpaper, or maybe a completely new look which includes new furniture and gorgeous linen, you can easily accomplish a makeover when you have a little inspiration.

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We are here to give you that inspiration.

We are also here to provide you with a wide range of great beds, new mattresses and soft, yet enduring new linen. At The Mattress Warehouse, we always try to give our clients the very best beds and mattresses on the market, at the lowest prices. But before you can buy the products needed to revamp your bedroom, you will need that inspiration we were talking about. So let’s share some of the most incredible bedroom designs that might just have you inspired in the New Year.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

The Rustic, The Simple

You cannot go wrong with a rustic looking bedroom. With warm wooden floors, light coloured walls, a simple but comfortable bed along with a bedroom pot plant, the rustic look is a minimal one. The Minimal Look has been around for years, but lately, it has truly become one of the most popular designs out there. And because it is so simple, it is exceptionally easy to replicate. It is also very easy to put your own spin on the design, bringing your unique personality into your space.

The Modern Look

Minimal doesn’t necessarily mean rustic. Minimal is all a matter of taste really. If the rustic look is not something that you are really after, perhaps the modern yet minimal design is something that you are after. It is yet another look that is really simple to achieve. Instead of soft angles, with this look, you will be in search of sharper looks. What makes a design minimal is the lack of clutter, so again this is a really simple look to achieve.


The Farm

When it comes to interior design, which is ultimately what a bedroom makeover is, the sky is really the limits. Making do with what you have is a great way to incorporate your new design ideas with existing structures that you possibly cannot change. In this design, the beautiful wooden beams obviously could not be removed, so instead, they became a feature of the bedroom. The colour of the wood would possibly only match a neutral colour, but sometimes neutral colours are great for creating a calming atmosphere.

The Festive Bedroom

Well, why not? When redesigning your bedroom for the New Year, you are not going to go with this option, but it is an interesting idea none the less. This design company decided to bring Christmas into the bedroom design by having a simply decorated tree. This design is as fun as it is flexible and you can be very versatile with it. For instance, did you know you can buy Christmas themed bedding?

A Classical Design

Warm wooden bed frames are always going to be in fashion. They fit in beautifully with just about any design you could think of and they are pretty tough. Again, grey walls seem to be very in this season and match up quite nicely with just about any linen. This design is made to look classical thanks to the wooden furniture as well as the very simple look. All in all, it’s a minimalist design and one that can be changed as frequently as you like.


The Opposite of Minimal

We’re tired of talking about minimalism. And we also know that it is not a look that everyone is overly keen on. Who says bedrooms have to be kept clutter free? Bedrooms are meant to look the way you want them to. Some sleep tips will tell you that a cluttered bedroom is going to disturb your sleep, but that depends entirely on the person. Clutter also doesn’t mean that you have to have an entirely messed up room either. Think of more accessories on the bed and perhaps a little more furniture if you are looking to be the opposite of minimal.

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A Day Bed

Let’s move right out of the bedroom. Although this post is all about revamping your bedroom, perhaps in the New Year you would like to either create a space for a day bed or change the current space. There are some great ideas for a day bed snoozing space, but this one really takes the prize. This is some great inspiration for taking your day bed daydreams outdoors.

There is no guide to inspiration and while social media such as Instagram and Pinterest can really show you how beautiful a bedroom can look, you should really look to your own style and tastes when you are redecorating your room.

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