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Memory Foam Explained

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Choosing an appropriate mattress can be a tricky task. It’s important to take your individual needs into consideration. The process can feel overwhelming due to a wide selection to choose from. Nonetheless, it’s a task that has to be executed through a well-informed decision-making process. Memory foam is a common type of mattress most people opt for when buying a bed. But how do you know if this is the right mattress for you?

Retaining Abilities

You’ve probably heard of memory foam and it’s shape retaining abilities. But there are a lot more layers and attributes to this heavy density mattress type. When considering a memory foam mattress purchase, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. Additionally, it’s crucial to take you and your partner’s individual sleeping styles into consideration.

Foam From Space!

Did you know that memory foam was originally created for space expeditions? That’s right! NASA invented memory foam to provide comfort and protection during the launch of spacecraft. Over time, this material gained popularity under the general population. It then escalated into the product we know today.

What Is Memory Foam?

Types of memory foam.
Memory Foam Icons

High density equals durability

Visco elastic foam, or memory foam, is often combined with different types of materials. This regulates body temperature efficiently. It consists of high-density foam for durability and to provide adequate support for sleeping positions.

This high-density material is typically manufactured from a polymer called polyurethane. You’ll typically find this material in sofa’s, pillows and car seats. The higher the density, the more durable your memory foam mattress will be.

Types of Memory Foam

  • Traditional Memory Foam
  • Gel Foam Memory Foam
  • Open Cell Memory Foam (The New Kid on the Block)

The fact is, however, that a lot of people think they know all about memory foam mattresses. This is certainly not the case since there are a lot of different types of viscoelastic foam. When you’re shopping for a new mattress, you need to be well informed. This will enable you to choose the right type for your needs.

Traditional Memory Foam

Brings back childhood memories.

Traditional memory foam entered the market in the 1970s. This type of mattress is known for it’s cradling abilities. The mattress shapes to the contours of your body to keep the spine in a straight line. Subsequently, this improves circulation and relieves joint and back pain.

Anti-Bacterial – Limiting Dust Mites

Furthermore, these mattresses are anti-bacterial, preventing possible allergies to dust mites from flaring up.

Motion Transfer Inhibition

Another great aspect of memory foam mattresses is its motion transfer inhibition. If you’re sharing a bed with a tossing and turning partner, this might be the ideal mattress type for you. The high density of the foam prevents any motion from reaching you.

Gel Foam Mattresses

Will Gently Cradle Your Body

Just like traditional foam, gel foam is known for preventing motion transfer. It is also anti-bacterial. Furthermore, a gel foam mattress cradles the body along key pressure points to keep your spine aligned.

Ideal for Body Aches Prevention

The manufacturing process of gel foam is unique. Injected with a special type of gel used in shoe inserts, this foam is extra supportive. This translates into being the ideal mattress type for those who suffer from body aches due to poor sleeping posture. It’s important to note that this mattress type will be more firm due to it’s enhanced supportive abilities.

Gel Cools Body Temperature

Many people complain that a traditional memory foam mattresses raise your body temperature. This often causes an uncomfortable night’s sleep. A great advantage of gel foam mattresses lies in its cooling abilities. The gel injected in the foam distributes temperature evenly throughout the mattress to prevent you from overheating.

If you are interested in Gel Foam mattresses, click on any of these names to find the best option for you and your partner.

We are pretty sure that you will find the perfect Gel Foam mattress under this superb selection of mattresses. If you still can’t find the right one for you (highly unlikely) contact one of our sales representatives for more Gel Foam options.

Open Cell Memory Foam

Longer Life Span and is Permeable

Open cell memory foam shares many characteristics with traditional foam. The difference lies in its internal structure. Open cell technology consists of millions of little balloon-like structures. These structures are filled with air in and around them. All the air in the mattress enables heat to pass through the mattress. This type of memory foam mattress is highly permeable and is known for its long lifespan.

Advantages of Memory Foam:

  • The comfort of memory foam is undeniably the greatest asset. With it’s cradling abilities to shape to your body, this mattress provides the ultimate comfort.
  • As a result of shaping to your body, the mattress aligns your spine into a straight line. This is why memory foam is an excellent mattress choice for back pain sufferers.
  • Furthermore, a memory foam mattress does not transfer motion. This means that you won’t feel your partner move if they’re a rough sleeper.
  • With its highly dense foam, memory foam is very durable and will last you at least 10 years. This is, of course, taking into consideration that you don’t purchase a mattress of poor quality.
  • Since it’s made up of polyurethane, memory foam is an excellent choice if you suffer from allergies. This hypoallergenic material is resistant to dust mites and prevents the accumulation of dust.

Disadvantages Of Memory Foam:

  • Due to the high density of the foam, foam mattresses are very heavy and awkward to move around. Take this into consideration if you’re going to be moving the mattress around a lot.
  • If you’re a rough sleeper and like to change positions often, this might not be the mattress type for you. If you move from side to back, the mattress will still retain the shape of your side sleeping position. It will take a few minutes to spring back and conform to your new position.
  • With traditional memory foam mattresses, people report high body temperature as the biggest issue. This was due to the closed cell technology used in the first memory foam mattresses. With new technology, however, this is a concern of the past. The new memory foam mattresses have an open cell structure so heat can move away from your body.
  • Another drawback of memory foam mattresses could be its infamous smell. People reported a pungent chemical smell in new mattresses. However, in recent years, this smell has become an issue of the past.

Kooi Memory Foam Mattress Range

Kooi B-Series Plush memory foam mattress
Kooi B-Series Plush Mattress

When choosing a new mattress, it’s important to take all factors into consideration. This is a permanent decision, that you don’t want to regret later on. Be honest with yourself about your needs. A memory foam mattress might be the best choice for you, but the worst for your neighbour.

Kooi memory foam and pure foam is modern and consists of new technology. Guaranteed to keep you cool and to support your every sleeping style!

At The Mattress Warehouse, we have specialized in creating a versatile memory foam mattress range. Our Kooi beds come in a wide variety of firm and plushness, to cater to everyone’s wishes. Feel free to have a look at our wide range of Kooi beds if you’re interested.

If you decide on this purchase, please read our guide on how to care for your new memory foam mattress. This way, you’ll get the most out of your bed.

What type of mattress do you currently sleep on? Let us know in the comments below!

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