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Perfect Duvet Covers for this Winter

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Do you feel like at the beginning of June, every year, winter has come too soon? Even worse, are your WhatsApp statuses about how much colder this winter is? Well, at The Mattress Warehouse, we have the perfect range of warm and comfy duvet covers just for you! Read on for the most suitable duvets for your bedroom style, bed size, and theme. Say ‘goodbye’ to those snowflake emojis and ‘hello’ to the rosy-cheeked, cosy emojis.

Duvet Cover vs. Comforter – Which one is better?

If you thought a duvet and comforter were one and the same thing, you’re not alone. Many of us thought the same at one point or another. They serve the same purpose after all, so it’s completely understandable. But we love it when our customers make informed decisions with purchases. So, we give you a breakdown of the differences between the two kinds of bed covers and much more!

What is a Comforter?

A comforter is a soft, flat, single-piece material covering the bed. A decorative blanket, if you will. It is typically stuffed with cotton, down, synthetic material or a mixture of all these materials. A comforter comes in all sizes and varies in thickness, but is still relatively thinner than a duvet.

What is a Duvet Cover?

On the other hand, a duvet cover is a thin sleeve of bedding material with a zipper, buttons or studs on one end. Unlike the stand-alone comforter, a duvet cover is designed to be filled with an inner bedding piece. Because of its traditional stuffing, the duvet is often thicker and fluffier than a comforter. This makes the duvet (in its cover) a much warmer option without adding a blanket. Duvet covers are also so much easier to clean. You only need to remove the sleeve from the inner to wash it. And since the inner barely makes contact with our oily skins, it requires cleaning a lot less.

Types of Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are simply flat pieces of decorated material without an inner. So, when choosing a duvet cover for your bed, you must also consider the inner. It gives a plush and cosy feel to your bedding, after all. Here, we provide the top types of exquisite, yet affordable duvet covers and inners we offer at The Mattress Warehouse.

Linen – Linen duvet covers are timeless! They are so easy to maintain and perfect for winter with their fast drying rate and their excellent moisture-wicking quality. Their durable and thermo-regulating qualities make them one of South Africa’s favourite bedding fabrics.

Cotton – There is something to be said for breathability when sleeping. As much as we want to be warm and snug, sweat and sticky are not part of the package. Our durable TMW (RT) Cotton Percale 200TC Oxford Duvet Cover Set takes care of this. This duvet cover goes well with our luxurious and fluffy TWM (RT) 100% Cotton Downproof Microfibre Duvet Inner.   

A fluffy, crisp white cotton duvet cover with an elegant ‘chateau’ look and feel.

  • Price: R599.99 to R1,149.00
  • Size: Single, Three Quarter, Double, Queen, King, Super King
  • Colours: White

Bamboo Who doesn’t love a low-maintenance duvet cover, that is resilient yet feels silky smooth? Our Linenhouse Elka Bamboo Cotton Oxford duvet cover is just that! It can be excellently paired with our soft yet dust and allergen-regulating Linenhouse Exceed Down Duvet Inner

This bamboo duvet cover is 100% natural and biodegradable.

  • Price: R849.00 to R1,459.00
  • Available sizes: Three Quarter, Double, Queen, King and Super King
  • Colours: Silver and White

What is the best way to put on a duvet cover?

As great as a duvet cover is, getting it situated on the bed without lumps may be tricky. But don’t worry we have got you covered. Here are some easy steps and hacks you can use to simplify your bed-making experience:

Step 1: Lay your duvet cover, the wrong side out, on the bed, with the open end facing the headboard.

Step 2: Lay your inner on top of the duvet cover, aligning its corners with those of the duvet cover.

Step 3: Carefully turn the duvet cover on the right side out by tightly gripping both the corners of the duvet cover and the inner and flip your wrists. 

Step 4: Tuck the opposite corners of the inner into the duvet cover and then give the duvet a good shake and fluff to get every crevice well-aligned.

Step 5: Zip up/button up the duvet, fluff it up again, and then cover up your bed.

For a more detailed set of instructions, go check out our blog post on how to care for your duvet

3 Ways to Style a duvet cover on your bed

So now your chic duvet covers have been delivered by The Mattress Warehouse. How do you style them up? After all, no better time than a change of season to spice up your bedroom style or theme! We’ve selected the best styles you can choose from to jazz up your room this winter.

1. A Dramatic Statement

Nothing says “classy” like a crisp white duvet! Even a cream duvet cover with sophisticated embroidery makes quite a statement of elegance. Not only that, but you can also add pops of colour to jazz it up. To be heartier. Perhaps a colourful throw blanket with matching cushions, or colourful cushions to complement the wall paint. Patterned duvet covers can also make quite the artsy statement to a bedroom. The different complementary colours they typically come in can help give a room more personality.

2. Fluffy and Folded

Sometimes the inners can get lumpy or uneven, making the bed look dishevelled. But there is a way around that problem. Folding your duvet in a stylish way to give it an intentional visual asymmetry. The “keep the covers pulled back” is the most timeless of all folding styles. Here you have the duvet cover folded back about a quarter from the headboard. This style gives the bed more height and a regal feel. Then add in some continental pillows and smaller cushions – think lofty and plushy. A literal cloud-nine experience!

3. Inner Layering

Have you ever wondered how the duvets in adverts always look so ultra fluffy and enticing? Well, the secret is out. Layering the inners inside the duvet covers is the trick! This style couldn’t be more fitting for the cruel cold of winter. You are literally adding extra warmth without layers of blankets clumsily sticking out the sides of the bed. The duvet cover must be a bit bigger than the size of your bed to avoid unsightly bunching and lumps. This bedding style is best suited for a cosier, ‘over-size’ artsy bedroom theme.

Duvet Covers for Sale at The Mattress Warehouse

“Take a chill pill,” they say. In winter? How about a ‘snug shrug’ with our affordable and high-quality duvet covers and inners at The Mattress Warehouse instead? We take your sleep quality seriously. We deliver straight to your door, nationwide and our exceptional products have a 100-day comfort trial.

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