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The Top 5 Headboards for Sale in South Africa

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

There are hundreds of headboards for sale in South Africa. So finding the perfect one for your bedroom can become quite tedious. And you know how important a headboard is because it is the focal point of your bedroom, so you don’t want to pick the wrong one. Don’t worry, we’ll help you to make the right choice. In this article, The Mattress Warehouse touches on important aspects of headboard shopping – from how size and material will influence your choice to how various headboards are made and installed. Then to top it off, we’ll show you our customer’s favourite headboards for the year 2022.

What to look for when buying a headboard

Apart from your bed, or as part of your bed, the headboard is an integral part of your bedroom aesthetic. As soon as anyone walks into your bedroom, they will notice the headboard. And whether you opt for a leather headboard or prefer wooden headboards there are some things that you need to take into account before you make your purchase:

  • Size of the headboard
  • Installation
  • Budget
  • Construction/material of the headboard

Size matters

Firstly, the size of your bedroom and secondly, the size of your bed should both factor into your choice when you browse for headboards for sale.  Ideally, your headboard shouldn’t be narrower than the width of your bed. Moreover, if you have a large bed, like a king or queen-size, opt for a taller headboard as it picks up and enhances the width of your bed. You also don’t want your headboard to dominate an entire wall, as that detracts from the aesthetic appeal of your space. If possible, your headboard should not cover more than three fifths (3/5) of the wall it rests against.

Installation? What installation?

There are generally three types of headboard installations:

  • Wall-mounted headboards – On the one hand, it is easy to install and super stable! But it can be a nuisance when you repaint the room because you have to remove it from the wall and reinstall it once the paint is dry. Furthermore, if the bed moves, the headboard doesn’t move with it so it can create a sense of displacement or asymmetry.
  • Bed mounted headboards – Not as stable as wall-mounted headboards but they can be moved around with the bed without creating too much hassle. Before you buy one of these, make sure that your bed frame can support a headboard.
  • Headboards that form part of an entire bed frame – Bedframes with built-in headboards are called sleigh beds.

You’ll have to decide which option is the best for your circumstances. Do you want an easy-to-install and sturdy headboard, a mobile one or an entire new bedframe? Answer that before you start shopping around too seriously.

What are you willing to pay?

That is the million-dollar question, isn’t it? Decide on how much money you are willing to spend on your new headboard and then filter the headboards for sale by price. Don’t consider the ones that are above your price range.

Construction materials

Wooden headboards fit well in guest rooms and in rooms with a farmhouse vibe. On the other hand, if you want to go for a sophisticated or decadent look, opt for a leather headboard. And if you want to go industrial, metal headboards and wrought iron sleigh beds fit in wonderfully. Carefully consider what theme you are going for and pick your headboard accordingly.

The best headboards for sale in 2022

To narrow it down, we reviewed headboards in these categories and picked the best one of each:

  1. Couple’s bedroom
  2. Headboard for the extrovert
  3. The minimalist
  4. Guest bedroom
  5. Kids bedroom

1. Best headboard for a couple – Oslo Headboard with fabric

White Oslo Headboard with a grey fabric cover.

Neutral and elegant, the White Oslo Headboard with fabric goes well in almost any bedroom.

  • Currently on offer from R3,199 (double) to R4,399 (king)
  • White wooden frame with a fabric-lined backrest
  • Comfortable to sit against

Couples need a headboard that is comfortable to sit and cuddle against. Honestly, on rainy days when you and your partner sit in bed and binge your favourite show, having a soft, fabric-covered headboard at your back is non-negotiable. That is why the Oslo Headboard with fabric is perfect for couples! Its elegant, minimalist lines coupled with textured grey fabric make it an excellent choice for a neutral bedroom theme that caters for his and her aesthetic needs.

2. Best headboard for the extrovert – Oslo Leather Headboard

Dark mahogany headboard with a leather backrest.

Dark and captivating, the Oslo Leather Headboard is sure to make an impression!

  • Currently on offer from R3,199 (double) to R4,399 (king)
  • Mahagony frame with a leather backrest
  • Dramatic and dark

Nothing speaks of grandeur and success quite like real leather furniture. And a leather headboard is no different. So if you want your bedroom to make a statement, the Oslo Leather Headboard is for you. Dark and dramatic in its simplicity, we got a lot of great feedback from our extroverted customers on the success of this particular headboard.

3. Best headboard for the minimalist – Cayman Headboard

Simplistic white headboard without any texture or fabric.

Pure white lines make the Caymen Headboard striking in its simplicity

  • Currently on offer from R4,199 (double) to R4,899 (king)
  • White frame with a plain white backrest
  • Simplistic and minimalist design

With its clean lines and plain white back panel, the Cayman Headboard is one of the most minimalistic wooden headboards for sale on the market. If you are into clean lines and neutral colours, this one will work perfectly for your bedroom aesthetic.

4. Best headboard for your guestroom – The Bayside Headboard

Bayside wooden headboards for sale are perfect for your guest bedroom.

It’s all in the name – Bayside Headboard. Perfect for guests all year round.

  • Currently on offer from R3,699 (double) to R4,499 (king)
  • Vertical wooden slats with a driftwood finish
  • Timeless appearance

The Bayside Headboard has a neutral and timeless appearance that is a perfect fit in most guest bedrooms. Ideally, you don’t want your guest bedroom to appear cluttered or over the top, so sticking to timeless wooden headboards like this one is a good idea. The vertical slats also create a sense of space that is a great asset to any guestroom.

PS. For more on how to decorate your guest bedroom, check out this post.


5. Best headboard for a child’s bedroom – Nautical Headboard

Stylized wooden headboards like this one with its nautical crosses on are great for children's bedrooms.

The Nautical Headboard screams of children’s seafaring fantasies.

  • Currently on offer from R2,399 (single) to R4,499 (king)
  • Chestnut finish with nautical crosses on the backrest
  • Themed look

It is no secret that children love a themed bedroom! And what better than creating a pirate theme or royal navy theme with this Nautical Headboard? Sailing the seven seas and combating fierce sea monsters and strange tribes for treasure can light a fire in the imagination of boys and girls alike.

Headboards for sale – you shop, we deliver

Now that you know what to look out for in a headboard, you’ll have much more confidence when you browse through all of our headboards for sale. And once you’ve identified the one that will fit in your room (in size, material and budget) you can simply make the purchase, we’ll deliver it to your door. And if you ask nicely, we’ll even help you to install it.

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