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What bed is best to decorate a kid’s room?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom, it seems that there are many different opinions as to how to do it. You can splash out with a car-shaped bed and car stickers on the walls, or you can go for a more classic theme with understated colours. Whatever you choose, one of the most important factors, whether you decide to go plain and simple, or busy and comfortable, is appropriate furniture to match the room. Children’s favourite colours, ideas of décor and themes all change rapidly, sometimes several times a year, but if you get furniture that stays a constant it’s a lot simpler to stay abreast. If you get something good quality (rather than buying the cheapest item from a throwaway), you can even use that furniture after your child has moved out.

For instance, their bed:

Bunk beds: Great for boys and girls rooms alike, bunk beds are a good way to save space in a children’s room, both for 2 children sharing or even for one child because then sleepovers are a simple matter for you and the kids. Even in a large room, bunk beds for kids are useful, because children, especially those who are younger, value having a large amount of floor space to play games on, do crafts, and litter with their toys. 

Different kinds of bunk beds available:

Normal bunk bed: two single beds that can be taken apart for later use. These beds are very useful because they don’t limit you to one kind of bed, but can be used in a couple of different ways. They can even be turned into an L-shape:

They also don’t have to look tacky at all but can look very stylish, neat, and tidy in your kiddy bedroom. These beds can last years, whether together or taken apart, and are a great investment for a small fee.

Tri bunk beds: This bunk bed has a double bed at the bottom and a single bed on top. Great for 3 kids sharing one room, for an older sibling who wants more space to move around than the younger who is on top, or simply just having an extra bed for guests and sleepover parties. This bed, however, can’t come apart.

Other beds:

Four-poster beds: A four-poster bed looks beautiful in a girl’s bedroom, and is a classic piece of furniture to last her from girlhood to adult, and fit with any theme she may choose, simply by adding different curtains!

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