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Why Edblo Beds Are Good For Your Back Pain

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Do you know that sleeping on the wrong mattress for your body can cause and worsen the back pain? This is because the mattress will make your muscle strain and make your spine not in alignment, which can lead to poor sleeping posture. All of these will contribute to the cause of back pain. If you suffer from back pain, have you ever thought for once that it could be the bed that makes you feel that way?

Since we have different preference, it is very crucial to take note that the comfort of your sleep can be determined by a mattress alone. So what type of bed are you using right now? Is it able to reduce the back pain by allowing the spine structures of yours to fully rest comfortably at night, or does it cause more pressure and make you feel tired the next morning?

What Are The Best Beds For Back Pain?

There are a lot of different types of beds that will help in promoting better sleeping experience for those sufferers who have been fighting against back pain. One of the best beds we do recommend are the Edblo beds. Edblo has a wide range of beds that you can choose easily, based on your needs, requirements and preferences. There are a lot of Edblo beds for sale in the market and all you have to do is make research on which one will suit you best. We suggest for you always try each of the beds that interest you prior to buying a bed.

So why do we say that Edblo beds are among the best beds for back pain?

Well, first of all they are installed with ComfyFill Box Pillow Top which have layers and foam fillings, providing the sleepers with a comfortable pillow feel. This is one of the best features, especially for those who have been suffering from back pain for a while now. Furthermore, if you are considering to buy either Edblo 7 Crown or Edblo 5 Crown, you can be assured that these beds offer firm, comfortable and luxurious support that will support all sides of the mattress from sloping. This will prevent you from lying in the bed that feels too soft or too firm. At just the right balance, you will experience the best comfort of sleep throughout the night.

Most Edblo beds have a one year guarantee and nine years of service warranty which always come in handy whenever you are having unexpected damages to the beds. Apart from that, what we like about Edblo beds is the fact that they are all featured with health-guard protection which means you have a bed that is anti-bacterial. The Bonnell Spring System is very good in supporting the entire frame of the mattress and it is not a surprise to know that the firmness of Edblo beds have been rated at seven over ten by the manufacturers and consumers.

Understand That Not All Beds Can Offer Treatment

No matter how much money you paid for one single mattress, you should know that they are not guaranteed to give you full support and treatment towards back pain. However, the manufacturer’s purpose of creating mattresses that offer comfort to help lessen the back pain. Do not go to the bed store, expecting that beds can treat your back pain completely. If you are suffering from bad back pain, what you truly need is a visit to the doctor and not to the bed store.

The only reason why manufacturers promote beds that offer benefits for people with back pain is to help the buyers improve the sleeping postures and to achieve the comfort throughout the good night’s rest. Different mattresses have different arrangement, number of coils and the padding also come in a variety of thicknesses. Your salesperson should be able to assist you with the right mattress for you according to your need. Prior to buying a bed, you should consider your preferences and choosing the type of padding, the depth of the mattress and the number of coils is all in your hands – not your salesperson.

Apart from Edblo 7 Crown and Edblo 5 Crown, another model that we would like to suggest from the same manufacturer is the Edblo Energiser Luxury Pamper Top beds. Just like the other two models, the Energiser Luxury Pamper Top beds are considered as one of the best models produced by Edblo. They also come with features such as the Bonnel Spring System and Health-Guard Protection. The Health-Guard Protection helps in preventing against the biting insects, dust mites, mosquitoes and bacteria. Apart from that the Edblo Energiser Luxury Pamper Top boasts an upholstered leather base.

The Right Mattress for Back Support

A good mattress should not make you strain your muscles during your sleep. Edblo beds are well-known to help in supporting the alignment of the spine as well as maintaining the natural curves of your body. Back pain patients should be able to avoid soreness of muscles in the morning with the right amount of back support. Even though there is not much clinical data being done about how mattresses can help in treating back pain, there is one research study that has discussed how mattresses with medium-firm thickness are able to provide more relief of back pain when compared to the firm mattresses that usually strain the muscles of sleepers.

Should You Get Edblo Beds for Yourself?

Well, that truly depends on you and your preferences. Some people would definitely opt for beds that are suggested by others, while some are being very selective and always decide to give each bed a try first before they officially buy the beds. However, one thing you should know is when you should get a new bed. An old mattress tend to feel uncomfortable and sags in the middle visibly. Therefore, if these signs appear, you should know it is the time for you to change your bed. If you are looking hard enough, you will be able to find some Edblo beds for sale. Trust us, with such high technology in Edblo beds, you will never regret buying one.

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