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All your questions answered.

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Who is The Mattress Warehouse?

We’re one of South Africa’s leading bed and mattress manufacturers and retailers. We stock top-quality products from a wide range of well-known brands, which we supply directly to the public.

How long has The Mattress Warehouse been in business?

We opened our business in June 2007.

Is The Mattress Warehouse an eCommerce or a bed store?

We’re both! We offer a convenient bedroom shop online experience for our customers. We also have branches and bed warehouses located in cities around South Africa.

Does The Mattress Warehouse only sell beds and mattresses?

No. We stock a wide range of top-quality bedroom furniture and accessories, duvet sets and bedding, bed pedestals and the latest high-tech sleep gadgets.

Where is The Mattress Warehouse located?

Our Head Office is located in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. We also have stores or warehouses in Pretoria, Belville, Boksburg, Randburg, Midrand, Cape Town, Durban, Polokwane and Port Elizabeth.