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Bed & Mattress Sizes FAQ

All your questions answered.

Bed & Mattress Sizes FAQ

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What are the different sizes of beds and mattresses?

Bed and mattresses range in size from single bed mattress, three-quarter and double bed mattress sizes to the larger sizes like the king and queen mattress sizes. There are even extra length bed and mattress sizes available.

Is there bed or mattress size guide?

Yes, check The Mattress Warehouse’s bed and mattress size guide for more details about dimensions and beds for sale.

What size is a single bed or mattress?

A standard single bed or mattress size is 91 cm wide x 188 cm length

What size is a three-quarter bed or mattress?

Three-quarter bed or mattress size is 107 cm wide x 188 cm length

What size is a double bed or mattress?

A double bed or mattress size is 137 cm wide x 188 cm length

What size is a queen bed or mattress?

A queen bed or mattress size is 152 cm wide x 188 cm length

What size is a king bed mattress?

The luxurious king bed or mattress size is 183 cm wide x 188 cm length

How long is an extra length bed/mattress?

An extra length bed/mattress is 200 cm in length

What is the size of a baby mattress?

The most popular size of a baby cot mattress is 1300 x 660 x 10cm.

What is mattress firmness?

Mattress firmness refers to the comfort level of a mattress. Check our Mattress Firmness Guide and find the best bed brands for your sleep needs.

What is mattress support?

Mattress support refers to the structure of the mattress. Mattress support is important to consider when choosing the best mattress for your sleep style.

What is the best mattress firmness for your sleep style?

There are many types of mattresses for sale. Side sleepers are recommended to choose a level 4 or 5 firmness, back sleepers are advised to try a level 1 or 2, and stomach sleepers can look at a level 2 or 3.

What is the best mattress firmness for back pain?

This will depend on your specific medical condition. It’s also important to consider both mattress firmness and mattress support if you suffer from back pain. Consult a medical professional or contact our expert salespeople for more information.

What is the best size bed or mattress for couples?

We recommend a king or queen size mattress for couples in the main bedroom.