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General FAQ

All your questions answered.

Bed & Mattress Sizes FAQ

General FAQ

About FAQ

My Order FAQ

Legal FAQ

What bed and mattress brands do you stock?

The Mattress Warehouse stocks the following brands:

  • Cloud Nine Beds
  • Edblo Beds
  • Fabbro Beds
  • Forgeron
  • Genie Beds
  • Genessi Beds
  • Kooi Beds
  • Rest Assured Beds
  • Restonic
  • Sealy Mattresses
  • Serta, Slumberland Beds
  • Strandmattress
  • Universe Bedding
  • Tempur
  • Magniflex

What type of beds for sale are available?

We stock standard bed base sets, kids beds & bedroom sets, bunk beds, wooden beds and steel beds.

What is the difference between a memory foam mattress and spring mattress?

A memory foam mattress consists of multiple layers, which soften in reaction to body heat allowing it to mould to a warm body in a few minutes. A pocket spring mattress is made up of individual springs that support your body. Find out more about memory foam.

What is a spring mattress?

There are two main types of spring mattresses: the one is Bonnell spring and the second one is pocket spring. The Bonnell spring is the old conventional spring unit where the springs are connected to each other and are in the shape of an hourglass. The pocket springs are packed individually and wrapped in a fabric pocket into the mattress unit. Because the springs are not connected to each other there is less movement transfer between sleeping partners.

What is a latex mattress?

A latex mattress combines foam with either springs or reflex foam. You get both natural and synthetic latex. Find out more about latex mattresses.

Should I buy a spring or memory foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are well suited to heavier people. These mattresses have zero movement transfer between sleeping partners and are generally firmer. Pocket spring mattresses are luxurious and are designed for ultimate comfort.

Which beds are endorsed by the South African Chiropractic Association?

Bedroom Furniture

What type of bedroom furniture can I buy at The Mattress Warehouse?

We stock headboards in all bed sizes, a range of sleeper couches and bedside pedestals.

What types of bed bases are for sale?

There are upholstered and wooden bed bases available, as well as steel bed frames.

What size bed headboards for sale?

We offer a range of upholstered, leather and wooden headboards for all bed sizes, like a queen size headboard.

What types of bedroom pedestals are for sale?

We offer 1-drawer, 2-drawer, 3-drawer, door and drawer, and shelf bed pedestals.

Are there different types of bunk beds for sale?

Yes, we offer adults and kids bunk beds in the following arrangements: standard or twin bunks, double-bunk beds, L-shaped bunks and loft beds.

Do you have leather beds for sale?

Yes, we stock leather beds and leather headboards in all sizes.

Do you sell affordable sleeper couches?

Yes, we sell a range of sleeper couches including the popular fold-out sleeper couch and pull out sleeper couch.

What types of wooden beds are available?

Our wooden bed range is made from of quality woods, like Kiaat, Pod Mahogany, Saligna and Radiata Pine stained in cherry, chestnut, driftwood, graphite, Oregon Pine, mahogany and teak.

Bedroom Accessories

What type of mattress protector should I buy?

We recommend a waterproof mattress protector or one that is specifically designed for the mattress brand you own.

Why is it necessary to use a mattress protector?

A good quality mattress protector will shield your mattress from wear and tear of daily use. It will also keep your mattress guarantee valid should you need to have your mattress returned or refunded.

What is the best type of pillows for sale?

This will depend on the type of support you require. We stock a wide range of quality pillows from leading brands, like Restonic pillows. Siliconised microfibre, memory foam, latex and orthopaedic pillows are all available.

How can I track my sleep?

You can track your sleep accurately with a sleep tracker. The Mattress Warehouse stocks the latest sleep technology gadgets.