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Legal FAQ

All your questions answered.

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Legal FAQ

What is your return policy?

Provided that your product is still in its original condition and has not been used, you can return it. Find out more about refunds and returns.

What is a mattress guarantee?

This describes the conditions under and the period during which a product can be returned, refunded or exchanged. There is no single or standard mattress guarantee as each brand will have a different policy. Check the product’s information section when you’re shopping.

What is a mattress warranty?

This is the warranty that the manufacturer makes regarding the longevity of the product. There is usually a small percentage that the customer needs to pay under the warranty should the product be found to have a manufacturing fault.

How long does a mattress warranty last?

This will vary depending on the brand of mattress you buy. Most warranties are valid for at least 10-15 years. Check the product’s information section for the warranty period and get the best beds for our top-quality brands.

Is there a trial period for a bed or mattress?

Yes. The Mattress Warehouse has a 100-day comfort trial period during which time you can decide if the comfort level is right for you. If it turns out that you’re not 100% satisfied with the comfort level, you can return the mattress. T&Cs apply.