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Yes, they still make the three quarter bed size. Here’s Why You Need One

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

A single bed is just too narrow and a double bed is a tad too wide. So what do you do? You search Google to see if the three quarter bed size still exists. And to your absolute astonishment, you find that it does!


Stick around then and see what the bed experts at The Mattress Warehouse have to say about three quarter beds (3 quarter for short). We’ll talk about the actual dimensions of 3 quarter beds, why these beds are popular and we’ll even show you our favourite three quarter beds for sale

So if you’re over single beds, read on.

Dimensions of the three quarter bed size

Typically, a 3 quarter bed is 107 cm wide and 188 cm long. That is 16 cm wider than a single bed and 30 cm narrower than a double bed. And for those of you that are taller than 188 cm, you can get the 3 quarter XL bed that is 107 cm wide and 200 cm long. So before you buy a three quarter, make sure that the room you intend to put it in has enough space. 

You might also be wondering…

What type of bedding suits/fits a three quarter bed?

There is bedding specifically for the three quarter bed size. Moreover, you can find the right-sized bedding at any reputable bed or home decor shop. 

4 Reasons why the three quarter bed size is still popular

There is some ambiguity about the three quarter bed size and as such, people are uncertain whether this bed size is still on the market or not. For instance, in the UK, they call a small double bed a three quarter as well, and those dimensions do not fit the traditional South African 3 quarter (still 188 cm x 107 cm).

Don’t let those internationals confuse you! The 3 quarter bed is still a favourite all over South Africa and here’s why:

1. Perfect for teenagers

As your child transitions from primary school to high school, their bodies start to develop and require more support from their beds. During this phase, many teens also start sleeping in different positions and may need more space to stretch out as they snooze. A new bed is inevitable and getting a 3 quarter bed gives their changing bodies the freedom to develop fully.

2. Great for students

Students oftentimes live in low-budget, cramped quarters where their beds double up as their couch. Having a bed with just a bit more surface area than a single bed is great for small space living as it makes studying, reading and playing in bed more bearable. This way the 3 quarter bed size helps save the student on space and budget.

3. Good for young professionals

So you’ve moved on to the working world and into a new, slightly bigger apartment. Your bedroom isn’t your living room and kitchen anymore but it still isn’t big enough to accommodate a double- or queen bed comfortably. Moreover, the cost of living is expensive so to save money, young working people prefer 3 quarter beds.

4. Excellent choice for the hospitality industry

Youth hostels and adventure camps often have 3 quarter beds in single rooms or dormitories.

The Mattress Warehouse’s top ¾ bed picks

There is a myriad of three quarter beds for sale out there, so to narrow down your search we created three categories and chose the best bed per category.

We picked these categories:

  1. The best 3 quarter bed on a budget
  2. Best 3 quarter for your growing teen
  3. And the best 3 quarter for a small space

1. The best three quarter bed on a budget – Strandmattress Sleep Safe Bed

Strandmattress Sleep Safe Bed

The Strandmattress Sleep Safe bed has a hypoallergenic cover

  • Currently on offer for R2,899
  • 1-year service warranty
  • 70 kg carrying capacity

Perfect for your teens as they go through their growth phase. The firm mattress offers great support for their growing bodies and the non-toxic damask cover ensures a soft and smooth surface. You shouldn’t have to break the bank to give your child a firm foundation to rejuvenate and grow on.

2. Best 3 quarter bed for your growing teen – Strandmatress Deamquilt De Luxe Bed

Strandmattress Dreamquilt De Luxe three quarter bed

The Strandmattress Dreamquilt De Luxe three quarter bed is perfect for your growing teen

  • Currently on offer for R3,799
  • 8-year service warranty
  • 85 kg carrying capacity

At the lower spectrum of the price range, the Strandmattress Dreamquilt De Luxe is perfect for a teenager transitioning to young adulthood. The medium-firm mattress accommodates most sleeping positions and the high-density foam layers will give growing teens all the support they might need. 


3. Three quarter bed size – the best one for cramped quarters is the Sealy Posturepedic Alon Firm Bed

Three quarter bed size Sealy Alon Firm

The Sealy Posturepedic Alon Firm three quarter mattress has a beautiful and soft quilted finish.

  • Currently on offer for R5,999
  • 10-year service warranty
  • 160 kg carrying capacity

Living large in a small apartment often requires robust furniture. That is why the Sealy Alon Firm bed is such a big hit. With enhanced edge support and a carrying capacity of more than 100 kg, it can easily double for a couch as well as a bed. 

PS. A lot of people ask us, 

Can a 3 quarter bed fit 2 people?

Not really, no. The size makes it ideal for one person to sleep on comfortable but if two people sleep on a three quarter bed it becomes too cramped. And as a rule, 3 quarter beds do not have the carrying capacity to support two adults. Find out more about the topic here.

Three quarter beds for sale

So yeah, the three quarter bed size is still available on the market and as you’ve seen, is quite versatile in its uses. Go ahead and browse our selection of three quarter beds for sale – there is something for everyone’s budget and taste. 

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